Friday, April 29, 2011

a few more pictures from vacation

our last day…it rained.

so we hit the market to do a little shopping and the candy store for some pralines.

the streets of Charleston flood….because the city is at sea level.


funny that this is the only picture i took of our trolley ride where Cooper is smiling…not so funny at the time, because he was a monster….whining, whining, whining….about EVERYTHING.

until i said he needed to shut his mouth or the trolley driver will kick us off…yes, i really did say it.


you see…this little boy has been a bit challenging….stepping it up a bit, he has learned how to bug caroline like only a little brother can, talking back….and when we travel, he gets homesick. homesick=cranky cooper.


we explored The Battery


and Waterfront Park before heading back to the condo to pack up…BOO :(


a sneak peek of my next post…i saved the best for last.


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sloan said...

bummer about that rain - and the whining/crankiness for that matter - but YAY to those pretty rings in the bottom pic, can't wait to hear the story that goes along with them!