Monday, April 25, 2011

Hello Monday!!!

hope you can follow this post…..we rolled into our driveway on Saturday at 11:30 at night, after driving almost 17 hours, back home after a week in Charleston, SC.

i still need to download a gazillion pictures from vacation…so you will get Easter pictures before our vacation pictures.

this was Coop at the end of the day yesterday…….not a happy camper….we put him to bed at 6:45….and he was asleep at 6:46…and slept for 12 hours.


rewind 20 hours

after tucking the kids into bed around midnight, we stashed the Easter baskets and hid the eggs for the morning before crashing ourselves.

we did not tell the kids it was going to be Easter the next morning…hoping for a few extra minutes of sleep.

this was Caroline’s face when we told her it was Easter….she was so cute about it, and kept shaking her head in disbelief.

IMG_0948 IMG_0961  IMG_0963

lots of coffee and jelly beans later…we were ready for church.



we were so excited to see the sun….we were told there was snow on the ground the day before.


after an AMAZING church service we found the Easter Bunny…Yippeee!!! 


so…here i sit….typing and procrastinating….Caroline off to school and Cooper checking out his Easter loot…….my “to do” list is a bit long….hoping to get a lot done today!! Happy Monday everyone!


Nicolle said...

This post is so cute and made me smile. I love the family photo of the 4 of you. The easter bunny picture is so cute too. How fun that you ran into him! :) All the pictures are great!

We are thinking of a drive to Arizona this summer, about 16 hours. Not sure how Boyd will handle it. Our longest was up to Iowa with him, twice, about 12 hours long.

Happy Monday!

Jenny said...

Your family photo is so cute, love that you are all looking so natural and not-posed. Definitely a keeper. Sorry about the driving meltdown, we had one of those too and our drive was only 4 and a half hours.

sloan said...

driving nonstop for 17 hours would have me looking like poor cooper too, yikes!! but you all sure looked adorable for easter the next day - and I really love the shot with all 4 of you!! glad it was a great easter for you guys :-)

Lorri said...

Your family is so cute! What a great idea.....hope you got a little extra sleep! We love going to Charleston. Such a beautiful place!

Lorri said...

Yes! I made their buckets two years ago. Amazing what a few paint pens can do. :)

Hallelujahs said...

Your kids are the cutest! So glad you had precious time as a family. Hope you have a great rest of the week!


Jen said...

Love the family pic! So cute! Glad you all had a great Easter. Hope you enjoyed Charleston. We will be vacationing there this is much much closer to us!