Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the water….

how about this for a perfect day….

* met up with friends downtown for breakfast at Toast…oh man, yum! a must stop if you are in Charleston! One day there will be a visit WITHOUT the kiddos and it will be all about the “Bottomless Mimosas!”

* met up with friends for an afternoon boat ride….sunny skies, on a river somewhere in South Carolina, endless snacks and a cooler of beer.

* and the kids’ favorite….dinner at Chuck-E-Cheese.


two thumbs up from Coop is a great thing!!!


* our next adventure out on the water was a day they said it was going to rain so we skipped the beach….. for a water taxi ride over to Patriots Point…for a cheap fare you can get all day rides on the taxi….a great way to see the Cooper River! We never saw rain…just sunny skies and in the 80s!!




the captain does a great job finding the dolphins….

taxid taxidolphin  taxiship

our first stop was the submarine….my kids will forever remember it as the “hot and smelly submarine.”


and then we spent hours on the aircraft carrier….exploring EVERY inch!  From the engine room to the galley the kids loved exploring!taxiview     shipcaroline shiplulu

did i mention that it was hot??? really hot….at least for us Yankees…my kids were melting by the minute.




sloan said...

that first picture of caroline is so cute and looks EXACTLY like one that I have of my little ladybug at the same age - we have it enlarged and framed on a wall I love it so much ... I should email it to you, it's eerie how much the 2 pics look alike!! anyhooo ... this day looks like a lot of fun - what a great vacation spot - so pretty and so much to do!!

sloan said...

just did a random things post on my blog and put the pic there with a link-back to yours ... it's kinda wild!!

Shannon said...

What a great day! Love dolphins and how fun to see them out in the ocean :)

Jenny said...

What a great day. I would love to have some sun and heat.

Kim said...

OM goodness! I didn't realize you were down in Charleston. BSD is down there also for work. What a small world! Love all your pix. Caroline dancing on the beach is so pretty! And that sea!

Cindy said...

So so beautiful Jess
You've got me dreaming of our FL trip in June!!
Have a happy day

Alison said...

Love it.. we took the kids on the same ship when we were in SC last year!!