Thursday, January 20, 2011

a family day



this is how cold it was Saturday morning

it was cold, negative cold…. and we wanted to try a new ski area…and ski all day.

one of those days that could go really badly or really great.

we started out on the rope tow and Caroline was in tears after falling off…..complete frustration…complete meltdown….it wasn’t looking good.

so we went to the chairlift…..we found out that the lift operator couldn’t slow it down (our other ski hill they would slow it down to make it easier for kids to get on) it was running fast and Caroline could tell i was nervous about taking her up…..AND it was Cooper’s first time on the the chair.

we got on! but i was still nervous about getting off!! i chatted with Caroline all the way up….i knew she was nervous too and feeling sad about the rope tow…but we talked about family and how we could do anything as long as we had each other…lots of “i love yous” a good pep talk…for her AND me.

when we got to the top i had to physically lift her up to get her off the chair and the ramp was steep….but we cheered getting off….we did it! together!

and to my surprise…Caroline went back to the rope tow….fell a few more times….but my very determined little girl figured it out all on her own. I was so proud of her!!!

starting out the day, Cooper was a wild card….we figured he would last maybe half a day and then want to go in or just play in the snow….but he surprised us all and skied all day…after each run he would say with a smile…. “again!!!” I was so proud of him!!!!

it was a great day that i want to remember forever….a great family day, we skied ALL day together, we conquered the chair, Caroline conquered the rope tow, Cooper went on the chair for the first time….a perfect day.

now if i can just figure out how to get the pictures off my phone to share with you!


Kerri said...

Yay for a great family fun day! Skiing looks fun...but I'm not a big fan of being cold. I kind of want to try it just so I can say I did...although I don't have any snow gear!

sloan said...

WOW! We don't really ski - only about once or twice a year to keep it up ... wish it were closer (and cheaper!). Lifts that are too fast freak ME out, so I'm really amazed at how brave your kids were - nice job!!

Nicolle said...

Yes, you have to share pictures of the day. It sounds so fun!

I can't even imagine it being that cold. We are about 30 degrees here today and I just want to stay inside all day!

ps. I laughed at your comment about books. I am the same way. I can't remember a thing. I will read one a few months later, and about a chapter in realize I've read it before. ha. Glad Cooper liked the dinosaurs! AND, I am glad you love those green beans. :))