Sunday, January 9, 2011

i’m freezing

i’m really not a complainer….really i’m not ….but,

January is a tough month for me.

after all the wonderfulness of the holidays is past

and i realize that winter is here to stay,

and its cold….and freezing out,

and I am freezing…..i am not happy.

most days you find me sitting next to the fire, with my hat on, wrapped in a blanket.

the number one “must have” on my new car was heated seats.

i go to bed early so that i can be warm under my down comforter.

i’ll bake more to keep the oven on…which keeps the kitchen warmer,

and i’ll eat…yummy comforting warm foods.


it snowed again over the weekend………this i do look forward to.  If its going to be winter i want LOTS of snow.


because it gets me out of the house

shoveling, sledding, skiing, snowshoeing

i love a good snow storm.

before we had kids, hubby and i would bundle up and go walking at night during a storm….on snow covered roads, and the whole world seemed silent and calm.



there is nothing like the look of excitement from a child when they see the snow that has fallen over night……they won’t even bother to get out of their jammies….on goes the snowsuits, boots, mittens and hats….they will play for hours!

and come in all rosy cheeked (or screaming because someone threw a snowball)

looking for some hot coco


i love the kind of snow that sticks to everything outside.


it really is a love/hate kind of relationship…winter and i

and once i embrace it…i will be ok.


AND booking our spring vacation to South Carolina always cheers me up!

and talking about retirement (like a gazillion years from now) when we move to South Carolina REALLY cheers me up!

until then….i’m freezing.


Kerri said...

Hey, we're moving to South Carolina when we retire too! ;)
We were out and about a lot today...I just wanted to drive around with the heated seats cranked them!
Great pictures!

sloan said...

Hi Jess ... geez, I thought I was the only one who struggles with the cold - brrrrr!! I do agree with you that the one good thing about winter is the fresh fallen snow - sounds like we have a ton coming with this Wednesday's Nor'Easter, I think I'm hoping for a snow day even more than the kids!!

Holly :-) said...

Im exactly the same, if it's going to be cold it may aswell snow so we can enjoy the cold. I detest bitter, windy, rainyness! But then rolls around summer and I cant stand being hot x-/

Nicolle said...

Love your pictures and all of the snow. January is a tough month....I'm definitely looking forward to spring. Today has been in the 20s here. We are not used to that. I decided I could never live up North. Not sure how you do it!

ps. You are not complaining. It's good to get it out. You're just being honest! :)

Cindy said...

We have some snow coming our way too....but I'm really ready for spring instead!!! I've got my sights set on Valentines Day...once that is here we are kind of close...right???:)
Enjoy the night

gabe said...

oh Jess, I have been sooo cold this weekend. . .I just can't stay warm. David is out of town tonight and he is like a furnace all the time. . .our bed is gonna be like ice. . .kinda wish I had one of those heated mattress pads that my girls have@