Thursday, January 13, 2011

hello winter!!

yesterday went by so fast!

as soon as the clothes were dry and warm…back out for more fun!

our neighbor captured these shots of the kiddos…thanks Jess!!!

snowlulu  and our snow covered street


she really captured our winter wonderland!!


they tried sledding down the street…but couldn’t go fast enough!

snow 2011

that’s me trying to get Cooper to shovel…he had no interest…although who could blame him…it was hard enough for me to shovel the snow over the 4 foot banks!!


he would rather eat the snow….don’t worry, he knows the rules…ONLY white snow.



and we ended the night with this yummy cake, chocolate with peanut butter frosting….i had 2 pieces actually, oh yes i did!! I’ll post the recipe tomorrow! super easy!

cake IMG_9699

this morning…hello sun! the world is really bright when the sun is shining on all the new snow….and oh how is sparkles!!!


with the help of our neighbors the kids made the best sledding hill in the backyard……they started at the neighbors house and going right to  our garage! 

IMG_9742 IMG_9743

a rainbow made by coop


snow tunnels!!


and don’t forget climbing the biggest snow bank and feeling like “king of the hill!!!”



Kerri said...

That does look like a great snow hill! Love the pictures...I'm not usually a fan of winter...but I have to say, I'm enjoying all this downtime inside!
You guys got a TON of snow! The last 2 days we've had 2hr school delays...but that's it. I want more snow so we can get a real snow day!!

Jenny said...

Wow, you deserve those pieces of cake. All that snow fun sure must have burned some calories!

sloan said...

Great photos, Jess! Man, that's A LOT of snow!! I have tons of snow pics from yesterday too ... gotta get 'em organized though!! stay tuned ...

PS - can't wait to hear more about that cake - yum!!