Monday, January 3, 2011

i don’t want to!!!!

i don’t want to wake my kiddos up…..they are so sleepy and warm in bed!

i don’t want to get them dressed….i love lazy mornings in pjs!

i don’t want to make lunches and pack backpacks……i want to snuggle and watch cartoons!

i don’t want to send Caroline out to catch the bus…..i miss her already!

i don’t want to get back into routines of school and work…..i want to have family days EVERY day!



we had the best break ever!


we went skiing, ice skating and lots of sledding!!!!


endless smiles!!!


warm sunny days!!!! 


cooper taking his snow ball for a ride….too funny!!!


the kiddos hiked up the hill a gazillion times… day we were there for 4 hours!!!


s3 s4

they couldn’t get enough of hitting the jump


and catching some air!


we had so much fun! family fun!!!

but now its time to do the dishes, fold the laundry, clean the house, take down the tree and put away all the decorations……but i really don’t want to!!!!!!


Kerri said...

I don't want to either Jess! The house is too quiet today and I'm left all alone!
Great sledding pictures!!

Kim said...

I don't blame you! I don't want to either. And with all that outdoor fun I bet they don't want to either.

Cracking up at your pic of a "warm sunny day." Only in New England would someone caption that picture that way. ;)

Happy New Year!

Jenny said...

I am right there with you. I was craving my "normal" routine until I actually had to do it! Love those sledding pics, if we had a hill like that, I might actually enjoy snow play!

sloan said...

oh boy can I ever commiserate, jess ... I'm in total denial about the end of vacation too :-(

Glad you had such a nice time, it's so hard to let that go!! Happy New Year to you!!

Jen said...

Me neither...but then again, I do!
Happy New Year!
Your pics are fabulous. The snow sledding looks like so much fun!!!!

gabe said...

great action shots!! They got some serious air!

For some reason, all the snow has missed that part of Michigan, so it got really cold, cold enough for lots of ice, but no snow and perfect ice skating ice!

All day today, as I folded yet another load of laundry and tried to clear at least some of the mess up I thought the same thing "I don't want to". . .I could use a few snow days!

Cindy said...

SO glad you guys had a wonderful vacation together!!
I was singing the "I don't want to" blues yesterday as I packed those darn lunch boxes again!!! Bummer....
Hope today is a bit better.
Enjoy the day