Sunday, January 23, 2011

night skiing

our local ski area does $10 Thursday night skiing

we headed up to the hill right after school


Caroline pulled Cooper over to the little hill…..

ski skismiles

showing off….great form Caroline!!

skilulu skicaroline  skicoop 

he showed us that he could ski!!!


so we headed up the chair to big hill!!!


it was about 10 degrees when i took this picture…but i was determined to get a picture of Caroline and Cooper on the chair…….not easy to do!! my hands were freezing and i was not only afraid of dropping the camera but i did not want to drop my mittens!!


last picture…hands cold…and i needed to keep up with Caroline!!


so after having a Monday holiday, Tuesday snow day and Friday snow day…we are now expecting another storm!!! oh my goodness…..we are having a WINTER!!!


sloan said...

hey there jess - you're so lucky to live so close to a place you can ski ... not much of that here by the coast! But we do have all the same snow and frigid temps right now :-( I'm dreading this next storm, I can't believe this recent run of snow, we've already had more snow days in 2 weeks than we had all of last year!!

Kerri said...

Your kids look so cute in their snow gear! That last picture is so pretty! I guess if you're gonna get all that might as well have fun in it! We're suppossed to get a big storm on Tues...I guess I better head to the grocery tomorrow! :)

Cindy said...

Wow, this looks like so much fun! My girls and hubby would love it!! Me, I am soooo not a cold weather girl, I would much rather be waiting in the ski lodge by the fire guarding the hot cocoa!!
Beautiful pictures Jess
Enjoy the night

Jenny said...

So cute. I love how you guys really embrace the winter fun. I went skiing once and I hated it. I really wish I liked it. I always think it look so fun.

Pam said...

love that you're out skiing! wish I could join you! stay warm!!