Tuesday, January 25, 2011

we can’t be inside anymore!!!!

who knew that the 10 degree temperature on Saturday was considered a heat wave compared to the –30 wind chill of last night….so cold the buses wouldn’t start Monday morning….many schools closed….ours only a 2 hour delay.

lakewith the winter we are having…we were even lucky to have the sun shining!!! we headed to the lake for some outdoor fun!!!


yes…i admit..they are spoiled….and they have the best grandparents who have fun toys at their house!!!


they rode for hours!

lake2 lake3and when Cooper wasn’t riding he was taking care of Cruiser, their cousins’ dog who joined us on the ice. 


This was Cooper’s first time driving by himself…getting faster and faster every time….Caroline would run with him…and Cruiser, a very protective dog, followed the kids around too.


another great winter day!!

just got finished shoveling the 3 inches of snow that fell overnight…more snow coming?…yup!


Jenny said...

Seriously if I lived where you guys do, I'd probably learn to love winter. Those toys look like a blast!

Nicolle said...

Your snow looks so beautiful, but I can imagine you go crazy being cooped up for too long. Looks like fun outside at your house! We stay inside when it's 30 degrees out. You probably laugh at that! :)

Kerri said...

You guys sure know how to make the most of these winter conditions!! The snowmobile looks like a ton of fun...can't imagine how much fun it is for your kiddos!
(love that green!)

Cindy said...

Oh my girls would love a ride on a snowmobile!! I love a sunny winter day with snow on the ground! They beat the muddy slushy overcast ones we are having right now any day!
Enjoy the day

sloan said...

hey I just got done shoveling today's couple of inches too! Totally dreading tomorrow night, though ... sheesh, enough already!!

Megan said...

Burr. I couldn't handle it for more than a day.

Jen said...

Looks like so much fun to me. What a wonderful playland!