Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Construction Lessons Part 1

5 Things I've learned about construction......

1. It is very destructive at first....I didn't realize that they would destroy my whole yard...and that an addition to the back of the house would put our trees in the front yard in jeopardy.
2. Concrete is very expensive...who knew.
3. Picking out roof shingles is like picking out paint....the 2 inch sample looks nothing like the actual roof...learned this the hard way...and the roof is growing on me.
4. We have bonded with the construction crew.....they can now understand Cooper...they sing while they work.....and we miss them when they are not here.
5. The kids have a new hobby.....when the crew is done for the day, we play "who can find the most nails on the ground"...we have buckets of nails.

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