Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer Sangria

One of my favorite summer drinks is Sangria. I first tried this when we lived in Boston...on the hot summer nights when the electricity would go out we would walk down to a little Mexican restaurant (for some reason their lights were always on, thank god)...Rob would try a new dish every time and I would be happy with a pitcher of Sangria and chips and salsa...yum. So, since our move out of the city I still crave this summer tradition. Enjoy!

Summer Sangria:

1 bottle of Chianti

1/2 cup OJ

1/4 cup sugar

slices of lemon, orange, peach, apple...whatever fruit sounds good to you.

1. mix first 3 ingredients in pitcher until sugar dissolves.

2. add fruit.

3. let stand at room temp. for 3 hours....chill in fridge.

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