Saturday, August 16, 2008

I can see clearly now......

So...I had a rough week....just stress from all the construction...made a phone call....and Gramma and Shener (my mom and her husband from Vermont) arrived yesterday to help. We put Rob and Shener to work on the house and Gramma and I took the kids to the 4H Fair. The weather was perfect, the kids got along, and we had a great day...... They had a tent full of games for the kids.....Cooper is holding his prizes...little plastic chickens.....and a happy little man.
While we were listening to the music Cooper reached over and grabbed Gramma's hold. In his other hand was an orange balloon dog.
My kids are addicted to tattoos.....yes, she is wearing "the dress"
The best part of the day......hanging out with Gramma.

We came home to the front of the house painted....hooray!!! And our contractor was on his way to the emergency room because he cut his hand on a saw....good lord!!!! He is OK...thank god!!!!

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