Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Cooper

Cooper turned 2 on Sunday....what an excited little boy! Due to the construction and the off and on rain all day...we had a small gathering of family and neighbors.....Rob served up his favorite pulled pork sandwiches...and I put together the sides....fruit platter, chips, baked beans, pickles, and tangy coleslaw.Caroline helps Daddy in the kitchen...stirring the sauce.

Cooper is ready to help Uncle Mark with all of his new power tools!

Uncle Jeff made a perfect cake....Cooper screamed in delight when he saw it!!!

We finally let him have the rest.....

I still can't believe he is 2...the time goes by so fast! Knowing that he will be our last it has been very hard to see him turn into a little boy....I feel so blessed to have this little funny boy....he makes me laugh all day....his funny way of talking....the way his legs go faster than his body when he runs....his love for all boy things,trucks and tools....his love for his sister (who constantly torments him)....his gentle touches and pucker kisses....he is drawn to water and mud.....Happy Birthday Cooper!!!

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