Thursday, August 14, 2008

one horrible, no good, very bad day

So....yesterday stunk....the kids had their yearly doctor's appointment.....and if you have more than one child...there is a bit of juggling to do...and bribing (i'm talking donut with pink frosting bribe) Caroline was great....going to the doctors has always been fun for she sat and had a snack while the doctor checked Cooper out...and she also watched all the shots and the finger prick to test for lead. Cooper was great...didn't even fuss or cry through the whole thing. Since I thought it would be impossible to get through Caroline's turn...I brought in reinforcements....Rob's dad came to take Cooper down to the snack shop while Caroline was checked. Well.....everything went fine up till the shots of course....and Caroline was not having the took 2 nurses, 1 doctor, and one mommy to get that itty bitty finger pricked. So...we survived....we always do. The rest of the day I had two cranky kids with low fevers...for some reason any kind of immunization makes my kids feel yucky for a day. Cooper fussed so much he barely got a nap....and at bedtime i had to rock him for over an hour after a total meltdown. Caroline was so cranky and full of attitude...we completely clashed all day. With Rob at a golf tournament...I bribed myself with Chinese take-out for dinner....except the kids ate all of their dinner and then half of mine. It was an all around bad mommy day....I was not at my has been a little "darling' boy Cooper has hit his terrible twos like he has been saving it all up for the past two years....this morning he didn't want to get dressed and had the loudest screaming tantrum I have ever heard...apparently so loud the construction crew was at my back door looking in......wondering what I was doing to him...."nothing to see folks!!" just a screaming 2 year old! He wants to wear the shirt he wore yesterday and apparently slept in because we avoided the issue last night, and he is fixated on having his milk in the train cup, the one we can't find, more screaming, more looks from the construction crew....deep breathes ...........OK, i feel better, my rant is over...."nothing to see folks...the show is over."

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