Thursday, August 28, 2008

the good, the bad, and the ugly

So...we are making progress.....the new addition went up fast....gutting the old part of the house and practically re-building is the "not so fun" part. The picture below is the side of the house....we weren't suppose to go this far but this project has taken on a life of its own....."we should do this now while the crew is here" "we should do it right" "if you want this then we have to do this"

Ta da!!!! New windows, roof lines, roof on new kitchen and garage.....and the wall they blew out today. And the new beams they need to put in to support the house the "right" way. Below was a picture taken early August....just a shell, blue tarp over old house.....
Now we have a roof, shingles, trim and siding. a few weeks ago.....
Now nice and pretty with windows and siding!So, this week has been rough....splitting headache from all the dust, the banging and saw noise that is now a few feet away inside the house, our kitchen is gone, our walls are gone, we don't have access to our downstairs bathroom and laundry room...can't seem to find the microwave....I'm a bit stressed out, frazzled....had a meltdown yesterday, blood pressure is high.This was our kitchen.....the white door goes down to the basement, the window door goes to the bathroom and laundry room and the plywood in between goes to the playroom...which is now our make shift kitchen.The bright side....cooper can sleep through anything!!! i've lost a few pounds, caroline starts school next week, the rain has stopped, the crew is still singing, now that the kitchen is gone i have one less room to clean!

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Wow - it looks like you guys have a lot going on with your house but it's looking GREAT! Isn't it so satisfying to see projects getting done?! I can totally relate!