Friday, August 1, 2008

construction update

the crew has been working like crazy this week....they have been rebuilding the back wall, the blue tarp is covering the side of the house they took all the aluminum siding off...this side of the old house will get new windows and new siding, the walls of the kitchen went up yesterday, and the kitchen roof went up this photo shows the old house, the new kitchen in the middle connecting to the garage! Yippee!!!
This photo is looking into the kitchen through the french door can see the door inside the kitchen that will go out to the garage, and two of the four square windows that will be above all the kitchen cabinets. This picture makes the garage look bigger than the house, but its not...I think because the yard is higher up it distorts this view....but this shows the detail work they have been working on....the extra little roof between the 1st floor and the 2nd floor...instead of just having a flat side. And the large opening on the second floor of the garage, which is Rob's workroom, will be a barn door....we are going for the "carriage house" look....we'll see what happens....we still have a long way to go......but I have been promised a new kitchen by the holidays...

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