Thursday, August 21, 2008


Last minute trips are always lots of fun.....we decided to skip swim lessons because it was a chilly morning and hopped into a friend's car with her two girls and headed to the zoo........The kids had a great time feeding all the animals....yes, Caroline is wearing her favorite dress (yes, i do laundry every day.)

Why can't my kids just smile.....can you tell which ones are mine.......
The girls loved the kiddy train ride. Cooper yelled "mommy out" as the train went around in circles.
And then we got to feed Geoffrey the Giraffe......Cooper clung to Bethany in pure horror.....and then stayed in the stroller trying to hide from all of the bigger animals.

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carissa... brown eyed fox said...

your pics... so fun! "mommy out"... so good... kids!

does your sweet Caroline take after her gramma? so pretty!

how great that you did the sky diving thing! i wish i had when i wanted to prior to the girls.
i had it all figured out... i wanted van halen's "jump' song on my video! crazy!