Friday, April 24, 2009

the first sunny day we have had ALL week! we headed out to the Shaker Village to see the Baby Animals......farms all over the county bring there new baby animals to the village for a few weeks in the giant petting zoo! the shakers were amazing...they lived a very simple life, made beautiful furniture, and grew amazing gardens......the kids actually showed interest in exploring the buildings this year, instead of just the animals.

we met up with some friends of course! Cooper could of sat here all day.
and Caroline couldn't wait to pet this calf

Caroline traded her hat for this one.... and played a little dress up.

in order to preserve the wood floors in the old buildings they have us put on these slippers over our shoes....Cooper was not having it....but when he saw the kid size brooms he changed his mind....are these my kids?! we stayed in the kitchen for over 30 minutes while they sweeped....dust was a flying! this never happens at home!

and a Friendly's shake for the ride is good!

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Laura said...

I think our little boys look so much a like! CUTE!