Friday, April 10, 2009

the last of the vacation pictures...i promise....we have Easter to move on to anyway! The kids loved the craft room at the Children's museum......i liked the marker holder...cooper loved the scissors.
A picture of the kids before our night out to a "fancy" kid's menu at Garibaldi's! So we plan accordingly.....backpacks filled with quiet activities, early reservation, our favorite seat by the window, one parent ready to dash with screaming child, threats made, bribes set, hair combed, shoes on....dinner was great!

loving the blue sky and sunshine!

Our last night we met up with my college friend and her 2 kids! I got to hold the baby and Caroline got to snuggle.
Coop and Sully kept busy eating peanuts....Cooper learned the smash with bucket method and smash on head brought on lots of giggles! No worries here...they even had a pirate treasure box filled with treats for the kids.

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Michele Renee said...

Loved the vacation pictures. Your kids will love to look at them year afyr year. They are soooo cute by the way. I am in the midst of spring break here. Will have to catch up on my posts soon.