Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vacation.....the good. I am going to start out with the good....but i must admit that this wasn't our best vacation....ya win some, ya lose some i guess. This is the 3rd year that we have driven (15 hour trip) to South Carolina....we rent a condo on Folly Beach for the week. The weather could have been better but I can't complain considering it was just snowing here this morning. Most days were in the 60s and 70s with 2 days of rain. We got to wear our flip flops the whole time so we were happy....well, some of us. Come to find out Cooper not only had his 2 year molars coming in....he was completely homesick! He was miserable.....and threw a gazillion tantrums to let us know. So, more on that later....let me share a good day....our trip to Magnolia Plantation! the kids loved exploring the grounds and the maze!
but, this little fella...mr. goose....made the petting zoo not fun. and because i showed fear.....my kids decided they didn't want to be there either and made Rob carry them both out. I am taking this picture behind the gate.....looks like he found someone else to bother.

This is a rare picture of cooper smiling.....we took a train ride around the plantation....we saw amazing wildlife.
Azaleas in bloom......amazing!

We followed this rooster around for awhile

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Laura said...

well, the pictures look good! next time leave your kids with me!!!