Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Checking out the loot. Notice the winter coats, splash boots and Rob wearing shorts....a weird weather day!
all smiles!

one scary rabbit....Caroline is not afraid.
coop is a bit weary...i don't blame him.

we were on our way home when Caroline realized she had the special egg....she won this bunny! ...one bunny + 2 kids = fighting over it all day!

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Michele Renee said...

Wow that is an awesome bunny to win! Even one of my boys would have been thrilled to have that. OK, maybe not the 12 year old. Cute dimples on husband! My husband has them too and boys #2 and #3 do. Not me or son #1. BTW, the pink flowering tree on my blog is called a redbud. It is all green leaves now. The small bush tree is a saucer magnolia.