Monday, April 20, 2009

really random

really random today...kind of out of it....after I took care of everyone with the stomach bug...I was hit last Friday, thankfully a day that Rob was home. So I am having one of those days....I could be doing a million things...other than the dishes, laundry, cleaning.....but i can't seem to focus. I found a great purse tutorial here that i would like to try, I have to tag clothes for a consignment sale, organize junk for a tag sale......but the weather is blah....therefor i feel blah.
here are a few random pictures to go along with my random Cooper's new haircut? awful!!! it's not in his eyes anymore but the bangs are all wrong...oh well, we are also finding that he is between sizes.....2T is too short, but he can't seem to hold up a 3T...poor coop.

How come it takes 30 minutes to set up all the paints.....and the kids only paint for 5 minutes?!

I want to fill my yard up with these!

I found Caroline's pjs, goodnight lulu, for a great price at a consignment sale....she likes them because her nickname is lulu....not sure why we started calling her that, pretty random! Now that's all cooper will call her...we say "say Caroline" and he says "Lulu!"

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