Monday, April 13, 2009

table set
flowers and decorations in place

eggs decorated (yes, Caroline loves wearing her hat ALL the time) (and yes, that's plywood where the screened in porch is suppose to be...I'm told Wednesday, i won't hold my breath)

found a GREAT recipe here for Easter cookies...the recipe explains the story of Easter while making these yummy meringues!
we sealed the "tomb" ....the next morning we opened the tomb to enjoy the cookies...they were represent the empty tomb that was found on Easter morning.

we had a wonderful Easter weekend! although I'm not sure what is worse...on Saturday we hosted a sit down dinner for my side of the family...filled plate up=ate WAY to much! The next day we went to Nani and Grampa's house....the food was out all day=we ate ALL day! I might not have to worry about all the food i consumed...Caroline has been sick all morning, and Rob is home sick from work.....stomach bug.....I'm on the 4th load of laundry and trying to disinfect the house from germs.

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